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Hassle Free Landlord Program

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This residential real estate investment program allows you, the investor, to perfectly utilize leveraging(mortgage), earn double-digit returns and have your investment backed by brick & mortar homes.
You might need to prepare for retirement or just have a source of income to pay for your next trip, this investment opportunity can be tailored according to your needs.
Every traditional rental homeowner understands the hassles of being a landlord.
We took our expertise and mixed it with our creativity to craft a program that will allow you to own and enjoy all of the benefits of a rental property without any of the hassles involved.

How it works? Now this question can be answered in 5 simple following steps:
1. Begin a conversation with one of our real estate experts.
2. Once we make sure that you and this opportunity are a great fit, our property hunters go out in the market and find a rental property that will suit your needs the best.
3. You apply for the mortgage & prepare your down payment and closing costs for the investment.
4. We lease out the property from you for two years, pay out double-digit annual returns on your investment and take care of all hassles, maintenance and repair costs for the whole term.
5. You receive rent every month while you live your active life uninterrupted.
As simple as that!

Let us connect and find out if this investment opportunity is right for you.

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