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Invest in Flip

Flipping a house profitably takes a mind that can calculate figures, an eye that can forecast and hands that can inspect & construct.

Apart from having all of these assets Epic Alliance Inc. have a huge network of realtors, lawyers, brokers, investors etc. that expands its reach to huge inventory of property with potential to flip and profit. Following are some of the ways we can find a perfect property to flip:
1. As of 2016, there were 3,242 expired listings from MLS. We implement aggressive marketing campaigns to target these homes which Realtors could not liquidate.
2. Target unlisted homes that people could be interested in liquidating, via media and marketing.
3. Working with Realtors to find pocket listings and aggressively scour the MLS for hot deals.
4. Working with lawyers to obtain properties from estates, foreclosure, divorce, etc.

As an investor you will fund the property purchase and flipping cost, the rest of the hard work is on us. Our creative abilities to beautifully flip a house & sell it will allowfsh you to earn double-digit returns on your investment.
We always have a substantial amount of properties available that are waiting for its perfect investor to be flipped & sold.
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